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The Westmoreland County Section of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP).

2019-07-23 Rail Car History by Richard Craft

Rail Car Nostalgia

Rail Car Nostalgia

Rail Car Nostalgia


I remember when this railcar sat on a siding at Buddtown for years, decades even. So glad to see that it has been restored and put to good use. Here's what the old train station used to look like before it was torn down. Strange how we let historic buildings decay then spend lots of money later to recreate them.....Notice how the new one is built above the flood plain of the 1972 Hurricane Agnes flood.

Rail Car Nostalgia

Rail Car Nostalgia

Rail Car Nostalgia


 Mr. Craft pointed out that the railcar sat abandoned for years along the tracks in Buddtown before it was moved to it's current location and restored 

2019-06-02 rail car visits during trail appreciation day


Inside the Rail Car near the Visitor's Center - West Newton

 Over 100 people visited the rail car during the course of Trail Appreciation Day. Not only did we enjoy that large variety of visitors, but we also received several gifts for our displays from John Brunony,  Scott Schuller, John Warhold and Susan Forney.  

Pictured L-R: Sandy Cover and  Susan Forbes

2018-08 Look at the Rail Car Renovations.

 The P&LE traincar got a badly needed new door today thanks to the craftsmanship of Scott Shoff who took a stack of roughcut lumber and fashioned it into a beautiful new door for our traincar. A special thanks to Sam Cover, Gilbert Skowronek and son Steve for helping with the installation.

The train car will be open on Labor Day during and after The Poker Run so please sign up to ride the event and see the car. 

Thank you Diana Shoff for making the vdeo! 

Pictures by Frank Jaworowski

Rail Car Renovation

Beginning in August 2015, the Rail Car has been undergoing extensive renovation inside and outside. Thank you Sam and Sandy Cover and the Belle Vernon and West Newton Rotaries for your hard work and dedication 

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Pictures below

The pictures below show Club Member Sam Clover, left and Select Paint Services owner Bart Thompson, watch as William Thompson pressure washes the rail car. William Thompson, above, prepares the rail car for painting as part of the project to renovate the car into a rail museum. This project is undertaken jointly by the Rotary Clubs of Belle Vernon and West Newton.


Pictures by Sam Clover, Frank Jaworowski, and Donna Morrison.