2019 Calendar

Monthly Meeting - Monday December 9th - 6 pm (short meeting followed by Members Christmas Party!

Generally, meetings are held at 7 pm on the third Monday of each month at the West Newton Station, located at 111 Collins burg Road, West Newton, PA 15089. Guests are welcome. 

In December, we hold our monthly meeting and Christmas party on the first Monday at 6 pm.

2020 Calendar

Trail Appreciation Day - June 6, 2020


 Stop by the Visitor’s Center in West Newton for free hot dogs and refreshments and get to know your trail neighbors. Find out what the West Newton Station has to offer you and meet the volunteers who make this resource possible for all GAP visitors.

If you join, you may be able to win a bag of Trail goodies!

27th Annual Labor Day Poker Run - Monday September 7, 2020


 Join us for a fun-filled morning at the GAP-Westmoreland Yough Trail – on Labor Day-West Newton Trail Head

2019-08-07 Rail Trail Hall of Fame


Detail your services

 In 2007, the RTC began recognizing exemplary rail-trails around the country through its Rail-Trail Hall of Fame. They selected inductees on merits such as scenic value, high use, trail amenities, historical significance, excellence in management and maintenance, community connections and geographic distribution.

The #GreatAlleghenyPassage had the honor to become the very first inductee into the Rail-Trail Hall of Fame. Because of this recognition, people from every state and all over the world come to ride the GAP.

We are privileged to have the opportunity to use this great amenity anytime we want as it is in our back yard. The trail is almost wholly maintained by volunteers who rely on memberships, fundraisers, and donations.


Temporary trail damage

The recent weather conditions have caused a few problems along the trail between milepost 110 and 109 (just out of Cedar Creek Park). An old stone drain became clogged and both flooded and washed out the trail. The drain was clogged with used tires to the point it backed up and caused the stone drain to collapse.

Today, workers are repairing the trail. By noon more than half of the drain had been replaced. Yes, traffic on the trail has been affected. When in the area, dismount and walk your bike past the construction area. There are loose stones and sharp stones. Riders can easily slide and fall or puncture
a tire.

Our trail maintenance crew has made a temporary bridge if needed to keep trail traffic moving. The crew from Blaha Excavation hopes to have it completed today (if it doesn’t rain) in preparation for the forecast of rain for tomorrow.

As you can see by the equipment and materials being used---this isn’t a cheap fix, it is a five-figure fix. It is your donations, fundraisers like the 5K and 10K runs as well as our Labor Day Poker Run (register now) that helps to raise the funds to keep the tail up and running. Your kind support and that of our sponsors keeps the trail maintained and open for our enjoyment. Thank you for that support.

Enjoy your trail journey! !

(pictures from Victor Pilipovich)