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West Newton Visitor's Center, West Newton Station, along the GAP (Great Allegheny Passage)

The Westmoreland Yough Trail Chapter (WYTC) is a group of volunteers dedicated to maintaining and improving the 10.5 mile Westmoreland County, PA section of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP). 


During 2017, the West Newton Visitor’s Center, West Newton Station, received visitors from all 50 States, D.C.,  and from 15 countries. Whether you enjoy biking, hiking, walking, running or cross-country skiing, you will delight in the beauty of this section of the Great Allegheny Passage, a 150 mile-System of biking and hiking trails connecting Cumberland, MD and Pittsburgh, PA.


 The Westmoreland Yough Trail Chapter (WYTC) of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) is busy all year-long. It is used by individuals, families, of all ages who enjoy recreation, camaraderie, improving health, and making improvements to the Trail to benefit all users.
Each year the WYTC organizes activities and events to benefit the community, its members, and visitors

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Whether you enjoy visiting the GAP at West Newton, occasionally, daily, or weekly, your participation means a lot.  

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Thanks Over The Hill Gang for your hard work

The Volunteer Maintenance Crew at Work

Repairs being made to riverside landslide near GAP Milepost 114.5 Oct 10

Repairs being made to riverside landslide near GAP Milepost 114.5 Oct 10

Over the Hill Gang member at work

Over the Hill Gang member Tim Aaron watches as West Penn Power trainees load utility poles that will be used as vehicle control devices at the Smithton Trailhead. Thanks to WYTC member and West Penn trainer Scott Shoff for making the arrangements.  

Maintaining The Gap is no easy task. Check out what The Over The Hill Gang is Doing! Thank You!

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New Amenity (picture by Bob Hand)

Thank you WYTC!

These signs have been installed on the GAP between mile markers 112 and 114.  Two consecutive miles have been precisely measured and these signs mark the beginning and end of each of the two miles. Just another amenity brought to you by the WYTC in collaboration with Linda Boxx, retired leader of the Allegheny Trail Alliance.

The P&LE train car got a new door thanks to Scott Shoff, Sam Cover, Gilbert Skowronek, & son Steve .

Riding this week? Check out the schedule for Bill's Riders.

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Look Who is riding the GAP- Westmoreland Trail!

 18 month old Patrick wanted nothing to do with riding in the trailer behind Grandma's bike. He preferred to explore the trail on his own two feet.

Gosh is a thru rider from the Netherlands. He is on the first leg of his ride across the United States. He is spending the night in one of the shelters at Cedar Creek Park. If you see him on the trail tomorrow give him a big GAP welcome.

Minnie and Melissa out enjoying the trail yesterday on a beautiful day 

Bill Miedel met these guys at Cedar Creek Park on the GAP headed to DC from Oregon, AZ, California .

Bill Miedel met these guys at Cedar Creek Park on the GAP headed to DC from Oregon, AZ, California .

The couple that bikes together ,stays together. Or at least that holds true for this couple from Colorado who are enjoying their time on the GAP.

Couple from Michigan entering West Newton hoping to grab a bite to eat.

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Westmoreland Yough Trail Chapter

111 Collinsburg Rd, West Newton, Pennsylvania 15089, United States

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Hours Open. (April - Thanksgiving open ALSO on Sat and Sun 10-3)

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As of January, our web site visitors have been from the U.S., Brazil, China, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Kenya, Peru, Japan, Poland, the Philippines and Romania.

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