If you wish to donate to the WYTC, please send a check to WYTC, 111 Collinsburg Rd, West Newton, PA  15089, or stop in the Visitor's Center.  All funds help  to maintain the Trail so that users like you can enjoy every minute of  their ride or walk.  501(c) 3 donations are tax-deductible.   Thank you!


Also, non-monetary donations are always welcome. The WYTC can continue its great job of trail maintenance and improvement only with member support. If you have some specialized piece of equipment that you no longer use or need, please contact the WYTC prior to discarding it. Donations of services are also welcome. If you have the skills or abilities in welding, fabrication, woodworking, carpentry, mechanical maintenance, etc. and would like to help the WYTC, please contact us at wytcnews@hotmail.com so that we can contact you.